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Skate Park Coordinating Team

To all users of the Skate Park

Skate Park Coordinating Team

The Parish Council are looking for a team of six people to help run the State Park...

The team will plan the future of the Skate Park, organise events and help maintain the site.

Bottesford Parish Council will be here to support the team and in time the Skate Park Community Interest Company will take over the day to day management of the Skate Park again.

Please take this note home to your parents / guardians and discuss it with them. If you or parents would like to help please contact either myself or Lucy Flavin, Clerk of the Council.


From Bob Bayman,
Chair of Bottesford Parish Council

The matter will be on the agenda of the next Parish Council meeting. Monday March 8th 2021.

Written on behalf of Bottesford Parish Council
Bob Bayman 07799 131 981

Posted: Wed, 03 Mar 2021 09:06 by Lucy Flavin

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