Bottesford Parish Council

Serving the people of Bottesford, Muston, Easthorpe and Normanton

Clerk: Lucy Flavin
The Old School, Grantham Road
Bottesford, Nottingham
NG13 0DF

Tel: 01949 222478

Flooding Issues

The Parish Council have taken steps to help anyone who may be at risk of flooding.

Sand bags can be collected from the following locations. Please do not take them unless you are sure you need them to prevent imminent flooding of your property. Also, please return only unused bags, once the risk of flooding has passed so they are available for the future.

  • Allotments, Pinfold Lane, Bottesford, NG13 0AR
  • Village Hall Field, Belvoir Road, Bottesford, NG13 0BG
  • Blackthorn Farm, Normanton, NG13 0EP
  • Peacock Farm, Muston, NG13 0FE
  • Manor Farm, Muston, NG13 0FB

Your Local Information:

  • Neighbourhood watch website:

Useful telephone numbers:

  • John Shilton, Neighbourhood Watch, 07725 636626
  • Clerk, Bottesford Parish Council, 01949 222478
  • Flood Warden Principal Coordinator: Peter Sheardown or phone 01949 844591 or 07502 933526

The National Flood Forum

If you are thinking about taking longer-term flood prevention measures, then details of products, suppliers and costs are available in the Blue Pages Directory which can be viewed at the National Flood Forum website: